Siddha treatment specialities
Our expertised and skilled masseurs and masseuses are providing special attention and care in treating Siddha and Ayurvedha techniques. Healing and rejuvenation come through by way of this clinic’s varied treatments.
Varma Therapies
Varma complaints are specially attended in connection to varma points in the body. Varma oil massages are giving great relief to nerves affected due to pains and swellings.
Spinal skeleton Disorders
Intra vertebral disc prolapse disorders due to degenerative causes, rheumatic causes and secondary pathological causes. Unbearable back pain, tenderness and immobility to particular position of the body.
Neuro Muscular Problems
Muscular dystrophy, motor neuro diseases and paralysis due to deficiency, disorders of artery & veins supply of particular part of the body, traumatic causes, protraction of nerves, conjunatal disorders of muscles
All kinds of arthritis particularly rheumatoid arthritis, degenerative arthritis and secondary arthritis will be treated through our unique packages

Acute and chronic sinusitis, upper respiratory track allergic disorders.

Obesity leads to various diseases such as arthritis, heart disorders, etc…. Our package treatment will reduce the body weight and tune up the body.
Special Rejuvenate Therapy
Special rejuvenate therapies for stress disorders, post traumatic orthopedic problems, male and female sexual disorders (infertility), bronchial asthma, hyper tension, migraine etc.
Skin Treatment
Acute and dry dermatitis, psoriasis, white patches, urticaria, scabies, chronic ulcers & wounds and any skin allergic disorders
Insulin dependent and Insulin non dependent
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