Ayurvedic Beauty Treatment Center
Body Slimming
This programme involves medicated herbal powder, medicated teas and medicated herbal oil massages. These are recommended with Ayurvedic diet or herbal juices.
Herbal Face Pack
Rare and pure herbs are powdered for this face pack programme. It improves complexion, and beautifies the face. Special face packs for pimples removing, dryness of the face, blackish discoloration of face and warts.
Herbal Face Cream or Oil Massage
After cleansing, herbal cream massages or oil massages are undertaken.
Steaming and Moisturizing
Special face thejas can be achieved by steaming the face and moisturizing exercises.
Herbal Hair Care
Application of herbal paste and using special herbal liquid bases to improve the texture of the hair, also it is useful in gray hair, head aches, hair fall, dandruff, alopecia, loss of sleep and neuro complaints related to head and eyes.
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